Northern Environmental Design engineers and consultants have extensive experience in the use of computer simulation to predict the energy and environmental performance of buildings. We offer a wide range of simulation in order to test design concepts and to estimate operational performance of building.



  • Building energy and thermal modelling (Including JV3 simulation, Green star energy simulation, NABERS energy prediction simulation).
  • Daylight simulation    
  • Shadow analysis
  • Solar radiation analysis     
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis (Air flow, natural ventilation etc.)     
  • Thermal comfort assessments ( PMV)























We are a specialist environmental sustainable design consultancy business providing ESD advice, analysis and assessment to the building sector for new developments projects and existing building.

We service a wide range of clients: architects, building designers, builders, engineers, town planners, home owners and the government sector.

Our philosophy is to maximise the environmental sustainability outcome of building and at the same time provide cost-effective building solution. We provide both practical and outcome driven advice and services.

We are committed in providing high quality advice, analysis and assessment to every project that we undertake at a competitive cost. Our team is experienced in the identification, assessment and incorporation of ESD initiatives from the earliest stages of the building design process.