Northern Environmental Design have the expertise to undertake energy audits on buildings. We work through the methodology contained within the Australian Standard AS/NZS AS3598:2014 – Energy Audits, in order to deliver audits to Types 1,2 & 3 for assessment of building energy efficiency.

Level 1 Energy Audit

This audit provides a basic overview of the energy consumption at the site and includes general recommendations about improving energy usage. It is mainly a desktop study based on data supplied by the client. Analysis of energy bills (Electricity & Gas) is undertaken. We check tariffs & look for unusual seasonal usage patterns. A short report is compiled that describes the site distribution of energy usage. 

Level 2 Energy Audit

A Level 2 Energy Audit provides a more detailed summary of the energy consuming processes that occur at a site along with a financial case for the recommendations proposed. It is intended for sites that have some knowledge of energy efficiency and require a detailed assessment of opportunities to reduce their energy consumption. A level 2 energy audit includes a number of items not included in a level-1 audit such as: identifying how and where energy is used, a load profile analysis (instantaneous demand profile for your site). A site visit is performed to inspect building fabric, type and usage patterns as well as monitor selected items of plant.

Level 3 Energy Audit

A Level 3 Audit provides the most comprehensive assessment of energy usage and a detailed economic analysis of energy saving opportunities. It may cover an entire site or may focus on one area or process. It requires energy metering and logging which may significantly increase the cost of the energy audit. It expands on the Level 2 audit by providing a dynamic model of energy use characteristics of both the existing facility and all energy conservation measures identified. The building model is calibrated using actual utility data to provide a realistic baseline against which to compute operating savings for proposed measures.

Expert in energy performance (energy audit) of aquatic centres.

We have extensive experience and skills in analysing the energy use and water usage of aquatic centres. The director did a PhD research study on the energy use of aquatic centres. He also published several journal papers on aquatic centre and develop new methods to analyse the energy use of aquatic that can easily be applied to a Level 2 and 3 Energy Audit. More than 20 energy audits on aquatic centres were performed.