Northern Environmental Design engineers are always investigating new and emerging technologies. This ensures that clients receive the latest information in the fast-moving field of sustainability. We also perform studies, comparison on mechanical and electric systems (e.g. Hot water system, renewable system, HVAC system, lighting product etc.)

Examples of some studies are:

  • Energy and greenhouse gas emissions comparison between hot water systems.
  • Simulation of HVAC system
  • Research on thermal performance of glazing system.
  • Energy saving and avoided greenhouse gas emissions related to a specific renewable energy system.
  • Indoor air quality in dwellings and impact of climate change on temperate rise in dwelling 

The director also published several journal papers

  • ‘Defining aquatic centres for energy and water benchmarking purposes’, Sustainable Cities and Society, vol. 31, pp. 51–61.
  • ‘Energy and water benchmarks for aquatic centres in Victoria, Australia’, Energy & Buildings, vol. 177, pp. 246–256.
  • ‘Calibrating the energy simulation model of an aquatic centre’, 52nd International Conference of the Architectural Science Association 2018, Melbourne, Australia, 28 November-1 December, pp. 683–690.
  • ‘Convincing Aquatic Centres in Victoria to Use Solar Energy for Pool Heating’, Proceedings of the Asia Pacific Solar Research Conference 2016.
  • ‘Assessment of factors influencing the energy and water performance of aquatic centres’, Building Simulation, vol. 13, pp. 771-786.
  • ‘On the energy impact of cool roofs in Australia’, Energy & Building, vol. 278 (2023).