An increasing number of councils require a stormwater management report/WSUD report to be completed for new developments and extensions prior to granting planning permit approval. Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) is about integration of water cycle management into urban planning and design. In details, WSUD is a land planning and engineering design approach which integrates the urban water cycle, including stormwater, groundwater and wastewater management and water supply, into urban design to minimise environmental degradation and improve aesthetic and recreational appeal.

We provide technical advice about stormwater reuse, types of stormwater treatments such as rain gardens, sediment ponds and wetlands and mark-up WSUD plans. Our stormwater management report/WSUD report addresses the requirements of Clause 22.12 (Stormwater Management -WSUD Policy) of the Councils Planning Scheme.

The Objectives of Clause 22.12:

– To achieve the best practice water quality performance objectives set out in the Urban
Stormwater Best Practice Environmental Management Guidelines, CSIRO 1999 (or as
amended). Currently, these water quality performance objectives are:
· Suspended Solids – 80% retention of typical urban annual load
· Total Nitrogen – 45% retention of typical urban annual load
· Total Phosphorus – 45% retention of typical urban annual load
· Litter – 70% reduction of typical urban annual load.
– To promote the use of water sensitive urban design, including stormwater re-use.
– To mitigate the detrimental effect of development on downstream waterways, by the
application of best practice stormwater management through water sensitive urban
design for new development.
– To minimise peak stormwater flows and stormwater pollutants to improve the health of
water bodies, including creeks, rivers and bays.
– To reintegrate urban water into the landscape to facilitate a range of benefits including
microclimate cooling, local habitat and provision of attractive spaces for community
use and well being.

Our stormwater management report/WSUD report includes the following requirements to satisfy Clause 22.12:

– A site layout plan showing the location of proposed stormwater treatment measures.
– A report including an assessment from an industry accepted performance measurement tool such as
STORM or MUSIC (or equivalent).
– A site management plan/statement outlining construction measures to prevent litter, sediments and pollution entering stormwater systems.
– A maintenance program which sets out future operational and maintenance arrangements. This outlines operational and maintenance measures to check the effective operation of all systems proposed.

We also undertake Insite Water Assessment. We are an Insite Water Trained Professional. InSite Water is an integrated water management and stormwater assessment tool for use on small-scale development sites. Insite Water optimise design solutions to manage stormwater runoff, assessed against the Water Sensitive Urban Design WSUD policy and agreed Council performance criteria.

Look no further than our environmentally sustainable design consulting service if you need an experienced and qualified team of specialists to assist you in incorporating WSUD practices into your projects. Our team is committed to offer the finest advice and services to guarantee that our clients’ projects comply with council’s WSUD objectives. Contact us today to find out how we can assist you in meeting the WSUD objectives while also providing cost-effective WSUD solutions.